Welcome to Radioactive Exclusion Zone (R.E.Z.)

R.E.Z. is a Survival and Battle Royale built on Binance Smart Chain. Explore and loot a post-apocalyptic world, devastated by atomic bombs and radiation. Will you be able to survive in the area near Chernograd?


If you win or survive a game, you get to keep your loot and use some of it (tools and materials) to craft vehicle parts (NFTs), sell them, use them to upgrade an existing vehicle (NFT) or build a new one.


You can loot $VODA (our internal token) and exchange it in our marketplace for $REZ (our external token) or win $REZ directly by winning games, tournaments, events or as a reward in our survival pass.

Want to know more?

Check out our official whitepaper and read everything about our development process, team, economy, gameplay, tokenomics, etc.

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Check out our gameplay video

PreAlpha Uncut Gameplay - Free For All Mode

Gas mask NFT Collections

Founders Edition Masks

This will be our first and most exclusive NFT collection release. There will be a new edition release every two months.
You can check the moment of release on our Roadmap.

What makes us different?

Our main goal is to bring value, purpose, and an extra income source for the long term for our community members, players, stakeholders, and our team members. We are building a play-to-earn gaming revolution, not just a regular play-to-earn video game.
We're so confident in the future success of the economic system we are building that the Token reserved for our team won't start unlocking until 1 year after our Token goes into Production.

For Blockchain gamers

We are building the first really fun and competitive (skill-based) play-to-earn video game. We know that most Blockchain gamers are bored of simulation games or card games and want their skill to determine their success.

For Traditional gamers

We are creating R.E.Z. for traditional gamers, who don't know anything about Blockchain technology. R.E.Z. will be completely free, with a free survival pass every season (2 months). The game won't require any NFTs or initial investment to play or earn.
But you'll need a wallet to collect your earnings. We provide tutorials for every step to help eliminate the learning curve and open our game to everyone.

For DeFi lovers

We're building a Defi economy system that will provide growth for many years and support for many games, not only R.E.Z. We're starting a post-apocalyptic series, but R.E.Z. is just the beginning. Our Reward Token allocation won't finish unlocking until more than 8 years since launch and after that, marketplace fees will serve as a reward.
We are building a crypto post-apocalyptic gaming universe, that's why our company is called Cryptolyptic Studios.

Our Team

We're a multinational team of more than 20 experienced professionals with a passion on Descentralized Finance, Blockchain and Gaming.

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